"Guest is Your Ticket" Events

“Guest is Your Ticket” events help our clients introduce us to their friends! These events are designed to give our clients and their friends a great way to enjoy an activity together and prepare for a bright future. Leslie appreciates client referrals and relishes every opportunity to use her expertise to review portfolios and help develop a strategy for an income stream that cannot be outlived, potentially through the use of insurance and annuity products. Invite a friend and lets have some fun!

Culinary Center                                                          You & Your Friends will enjoy 
November 29th, 2018                                                         Cocktails & Appetizers
December 13th, 2018                                                              Delicious Dinner
Call to RSVP:  913.681.2609                                                             and
                                                                       You'll make dessert with the Chef!

                                                                      Loads of Fun for Everyone!

.                                                                         RSVP:  913-681-2609