At True Peace Financial Solutions, we are a Team. We are able to present a full circle of financial options. When it comes to
providing the retirement guidance you need, it is delivered with the service you deserve. We work hard to earn your trust
(and keep it!) from the start and are committed to taking your journey to retirement a pleasant experience. True Peace
Financial Solutions works with you to help ensure you can retire with financial confidence knowing:

• We address each aspect of your retirement plan.
• We create tailored solutions. You receive recommendations that fit your needs.
• We educate you on all the options available to help you reach your specific financial goals.
• We update you regarding financial laws and regulation changes that may impact your finances.
• We are independent, which allows for recommendations to be specific to your needs and goals.
• We monitor and adjust your retirement plan as needed.
• We are here for you today and we’ll be here for your family tomorrow.


I act as a fiduciary, to recommend only what is in your best interest. Additionally, I am committed to a higher disclosure
standard than other registered representatives of the industry. All of which benefits you...the Client.

One of the most important things I can do for you and your family, as your Investment Advisor Representative is to provide
you with a written comprehensive retirement income plan.

Among many other tangible outcomes, I am committed to providing you with a:

Written plan to maximize your retirement income.
Established plan to management your income taxation during retirement.
Exit strategy for your IRAs and other accounts, stating how you will use them.
Position your assets to minimize volatility.


We are personally and professionally committed to maintain client privacy and confidentiality. We safeguard all information
exchanged in all meetings, dialogues, phone conversations, and emails will remain private and confidential and used for the
sole purpose of making beneficial recommendations for you, your retirement, and/or the appropriate financial strategies
and/or products.

At True Peace Financial Solutions, we are different because we strive to ensure you are fully confident that your financial
needs, dreams, and legacy are reflected in the careful management of your hard earned resources.

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The True Peace Financial Team