Not Enough Liquidity

Bob was worried about his liquidity


Bob was worried about his liquidity







The Case

Bob is age 65, single, and just retired. He had a $1,200,000 IRA primarily invested in the stock market and had $20,000 in the bank. He had no pension but would receive Social Security of $2,500 per month. He knew he needed more liquid assets in case of emergencies and large purchases, but was not happy keeping money in the bank at such low interest rates. To increase his liquidity his broker advised him to put more of his money in a tax-free municipal bond fund. A 2nd Opinion revealed he needed a minimum of $100,000 in available reserves. It also uncovered that the municipal bond fund recommended by his broker was not a “safe” place to keep his liquid assets because if interest rates increased the bond fund could lose considerable principal. His 2nd Opinion allowed him to increase his liquidity substantially without having to give up the opportunity for these assets to grow by using a combination of FDIC CD’s with high interest potential and a managed portfolio with a Stop Loss provision.

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