Vanessa Adriano

Client Liaison

Vanessa Adriano

Client Liaison

Client Liaison

Vanessa Adriano



Vanessa Adriano


Client Liaison


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With over 15 years of dedicated experience in the insurance industry, I have cultivated an extensive background, initially specializing in life insurance. In my role as a liaison, I collaborated with various insurance companies and agents to facilitate the acquisition of life insurance policies for clients. Serving as a case manager, I successfully handled over 100 cases, demonstrating my proficiency in navigating complex insurance processes.

Moreover, I played a pivotal role in agent licensing, guiding and facilitating the contracting process with different carriers. My commitment to facilitating smooth interactions between clients, agents, and insurance companies underscores my passion for providing comprehensive solutions to clients' insurance needs.

My paramount focus is on ensuring that clients have a positive and seamless experience with our team and agency. I am dedicated to addressing their concerns and finding effective resolutions, placing client satisfaction as my highest priority.

Outside of the professional realm, my devotion extends to my family. As a married individual with two teenage daughters actively involved in various sports, I find joy and fulfillment in supporting their activities. In my leisure time, I indulge in interests such as watching movies, cooking, and taking my dog on leisurely walks.


  • Financial Services and relations
  • Life Insurance

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